“Yossi Sivan & Co. is active in significant trade mark litigation and also has experience in design and patent law. Yossi Sivan is ‘highly specialized in acting for international brands’…”

Legal 500 (2018 Edition)
Legal 500 (2018 Edition) Intellectual Property Disputes category

“Yossi Sivan & Co founder and pioneer Yossi Sivan is an electronics and luxury fashion ace who has carved his own path through the top echelon of Israeli intellectual property”.

World Trademark Review (2020 Edition)
World Trademark Review (2020 Edition)

“Yossi Sivan at Yossi Sivan & Co Law Office is a renaissance man who skillfully dispatches trademark mandates of all shapes and sizes”.

World Trademark Review (2019 Edition)
World Trademark Review (2019 Edition)

“Yossi Sivan at Yossi Sivan & Co can lay claim to being the full package; he files with finesse and has the eloquence, expertise and confidence to render unassailable pleadings in the courtroom”.

World Trademark Review (2018 Edition)
World Trademark Review (2018 Edition) RECOMMENDED EXPERTS

“Yossi Sivan & Co. has ‘extraordinary knowledge and expertise in trade mark and copyright litigation’. The ‘practical and personable’ Yossi Sivan has extensive experience of IP cases involving international clients…” 

Legal 500 (2017 Edition)
Legal 500 (2017 Edition)

Yossi Sivan Law Firm Achieves Landmark Trademark Infringement Victory for the International Fashion Brand BEVERLY HILLS POLO CLUB, Garnering One of Israel’s Most Noteworthy Awards in Recent Years.

World Trademark Review 2023 : “A significant breakthrough”: landmark decision on retailer liability opens new avenues for brand owners in Israel. A landmark ruling in Israel could help rights holders seek greater compensation and sets a precedent for retailer liability in trademark infringement disputes.” 

Welcome to Yossi Sivan Law Firm

About Us: 

It is essential to hire top-notch professionals to safeguard your Intellectual Property assets in this rapidly evolving world of technology and legal shifts.

At our firm, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional legal services to our clients in the area of intellectual property. With extensive experience in this field, we are well-equipped to address all of your IP needs and provide you with top-quality service.

Our team of professionals brings together a wealth of technical knowledge, legal expertise, and professional experience to effectively address all of your intellectual property needs.

Here are a few factors that set us apart from our competitors:

Availability: At our firm, we prioritize maintaining close relationships with our clients and being highly responsive to their needs. We are dedicated to providing quick, reliable, and thorough responses to any inquiries or requests, and we personally manage all aspects of our clients’ intellectual property rights.

Fierce and Constant Protection: To protect our clients’ brands, we hire agents to regularly monitor local markets and stores in Israel for counterfeit goods. If we detect any infringement of our clients’ intellectual property rights, we promptly advise them on the appropriate course of action and, if necessary, aggressively pursue litigation to enforce their rights. Additionally, we can provide our clients with a monthly report on the presence of counterfeit goods in the Israeli market.

IP News and Updates

Items sold by Rami Levy with BHPC trademark

Record-Breaking Trademark Infringement Award In Israel - Good News for Brand Owners

In a groundbreaking legal ruling that has captured attention, the Tel Aviv District Court has recently delivered an award with far-reaching implications. Rami Levy, one of the biggest supermarket chains in Israel, has been ordered to compensate Lifestyle Equities, the owner of the iconic BEVERLY HILLS POLO CLUB, in one of the highest trademark infringement awards in Israel.

Trademark Opposition in Israel

What is a Trademark Opposition ? In Israel, a trademark opposition is a legal proceeding initiated by a third party who challenges the registration of a trademark.

Trademarks in Israel - A General Overview

Trademarks are a crucial part of any business, protecting the company's identity and reputation in the market. In this article, we will provide an overview of trademarks in Israel, including the registration process, benefits, and limitations.

5 Tips on How to Overcome Trademark Refusals in Israel

There are several types of refusals typicaly issued by the Israeli Trademark Office. We have decided to share with you our 5 important tips on how to overcome a Trademark Refusal in Israel based on our extensive experience in Trademark prosecution. This is a must read for every trademark attorney who files Trademarks in Israel.

The 2017 Israeli Patent and Trademark Authority Report

The Israeli Patent and Trademark Authority has recently published a report for the year 2017 which exhibits the statistics and activities of the Israeli Patent and Trademark Authority for the year 2017. The following are the main statistics taken from the 2017 report.

Israel's New Design Law – New Protection for Designs

On July 26, 2018 the new Israeli Designs Law will come into force and it is vital to be aware of the changes it brings to the legal regime concerning designs in Israel, as these effect both new and old designs. These changes bring the Israeli law in line with European law and international trends. The following are the new law's most prominent changes from the Patents and Designs Ordinance of 1924 which it replaces.
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