The 2017 Israeli Patent and Trademark Authority Report

The Israeli Patent and Trademark Authority has recently published a report for the year 2017 which exhibits the statistics and activities of the Israeli Patent and Trademark Authority for the year 2017. The following are the main statistics taken from the 2017 report.


During the 2017 year, the examination period for trademark applications in Israel has been shortened to a period of 12 months (in relation to the previous year where the examination period was 16 months).

In the year 2017 there was an increase of 14% of trademark applications filed in Israel. 55% of the applications were international applications based on the Madrid Protocol, and 45 % of the applications were national applications.

The number of international applications based on the Madrid Protocol has risen by 19% and the number of national applications has risen by 9%.

The applicant with the greatest number of applications was Apple Inc. with 81 applications. The second is Johnson and Johnson with 71 applications, followed by Phillip Morris with 57 applications and Huawei Technologies with 51 applications. The highest number of applications (21.6%) were filed by U.S. applicants. Applicants from Israel made up 24.2% of applications and China 6.6% of applications.


The New Design Law, which replaced the Patent and Design Ordinance of 1924 was confirmed by the Israeli Parliament and became valid as of August 7, 2018. The leading foreign applicants for design in Israel were Facebook (54), Scania (29), and Dyson Technologies (26).


In 2017, there were 6,813 patent applications filed in Israel. The foreign applicants with the most patent applications were Facebook (94 applications), Phillip Morris (82 applications), and Raytheon Company (62 applications). In 2017, 89.9% of the applicants of patent applications were foreign citizens/companies and 10.1% of the applicants were local applicants.

A copy of the report can be downloaded from here: