Yossi Sivan & Co. is a full-service intellectual property law firm. We provide services relating to all aspects of intellectual property law: anti-counterfeiting, trademarks, copyrights, designs, patents, intellectual property services, trade secrets, internet and new media law.

We understand that that intellectual property is your most important and valuable asset, therefore we dedicate all our personal attention to watch, protect and enforce your intellectual property rights in Israel.

We are familiar with the difficulties of monitoring and protecting your brands and goodwill from overseas, therefore we maintain a close and unique relationship with our clients, and commit to the highest degree of availability, providing you with a fast and accurate response to any request with special attention for every detail.

Our clients are well known commercial and private companies from Israel and worldwide: International and national fashion companies, advertisement agencies, entertainment companies, oil searching company, baby bag designers and manufacturers, computers companies, international branding companies, internet companies, music and entertainment companies, premium tea company, and many other private and commercial clients.

Here are some of the special advantages which distinguish us from our competitors:

Availability: We maintain a close and unique relationship with our clients and commit to the highest degree of availability. We provide quick, responsible and accurate response to any request or query and pay close attention to every detail. We handle all of your intellectual property rights personally.

Fierce and Constant Protection: We monitor our clients’ brands by hiring agents who regularly check the local markets and retail stores in order to detect any counterfeit goods. If our client’s brand is challenged, we will advise you immediately with the proper course of action in order to prevent the ongoing infringement. We provide you with a monthly detailed report of counterfeit goods in the Israeli market, if required. We operate aggressively, yet efficient litigation in order to enforce your intellectual property rights.

Efficiency: We always have our client’s interests in mind, striving for the success of our office’s clients. We have substantive understanding of our client’s business needs and aim to provide the most efficient and cost effective legal solution for our clients. We will only advise clients to commence legal proceedings if such proceedings are cost effective and in the best interests of the clients.

Focus on Client Service: We understand the needs and difficulties of our overseas clients in monitoring and protecting their intellectual property rights from abroad. Therefore we tailor our services to each and every client according to their specific needs. We focus on client service and strive to develop beneficial relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

We are always available to assist you in any query.

Important Cases – IP Litigation

      • Successfully represented an Israeli fashion company in a case of passing of against local importers. The District Court of Tel Aviv had issued a Temporary injunction against the importers and eventually the case was settled in favor of the plaintiff, in which a permanent injunction was granted along with a compensation of appx. 150,000 NIS. The importer was also ordered to collect all the merchandise from all the stores around the country. READ MORE
      • Represented a famous Tea company against the largest Tea Company in Israel, in a trademark infringement case. The Tel Aviv District Court issued an agreed injunction in which the defendants were ordered to change their brand and visual appearance of the products. READ MORE
      • Successfully Represented a well-known baby bags company against Philips – Avent in a Passing Off case at the Tel Aviv District Court. READ MORE
      • Attorney Sivan was appointed by court as a Receiver in a high profile trade secrets case in which an Anton Piller order had been executed by the firm READ MORE
      • Attorney Sivan was appointed by the court as a Receiver in a high profile trademark and passing off case in which an Anton Piller order had been executed by the firm, searching and enforcing IP rights at the private locations of some of the biggest baby toys chains in Israel.
      • Represented successfully one very famous international fashion brand in a trademark and passing off case. READ MORE
      • Successfully represented a unique case of a local parallel importer against Stokke strollers company (a Norwegian company). Does a manufacturer of baby strollers have any legitimate interest to prevent the removing of serial numbers from parallel import products? This question recently came up in this very unique case. The Central District Court denied the motion for the temporary injunction and ruled that allegedly there is no misleading of the consumer and that the consumer is aware that he is purchasing a parallel imported stroller. READ MORE
      • Successfully represented an eBay supplier in a parallel export case, in which a temporary injunction case was denied in favor of the client. The question that was raised in this proceeding was whether an Israeli cosmetic manufacturer can prevent from an eBay store to sell its cosmetics via eBay. READ MORE
      • Successfully represented a foreign brand owner in a trademark Opposition case. In this case, a very important decision of the Israeli Intellectual Property Commissioner enabled a Nederland company to manage a trademark Opposition against a local applicant without posting a guarantee. READ MORE