Who Filed the Most Israeli Trademark Applications in 2018?

The Israeli Patent and Trademark Authority has recently published a report for the year 2018 which exhibits the statistics and activities of the Israeli Patent and Trademark Authority for the year 2018.

The following are the main statistics taken from the 2018 report:

2018 has shown a steady level in both national and international trademark filings in Israel according to the 2018 Patent and Trademark Office published by the Israeli Patent and Trademark Authority (see 2017 Patent and Trademark Office Report)

A total of 10,686 trademark applications were filed in 2018: 5,799 international applications and 4887 national applications.

Apple Inc. has filed the most trademark applications in Israel: 61 international applications and 27 national applications. This is the second year that Apple Inc. is taking the place of the number one trademark applicant in Israel. Israel’s mobile industry is thriving especially in the categories of mobile apps and mobile technology.

Novartis holds the second place with a total of 55 applications: 50 national applications and only 5 international applications.

Sanrio Company holds the third place with 54 national applications and 0 international applications.

Jonson & Jonson holds the fourth place with a total of 45 applications: 44 national applications and only 1 international application.

75.6% of the applicants in 2018 were foreign companies and 24.4% were local.

24.4% of the applicants are from Israel, 20.9% are from the US, 7.2% are from Germany and 7.2% are from China.

Yossi Sivan, Trademark Attorney

Yossi Sivan, Trademark Attorney

Owner & General Partner at Yossi Sivan & Co. Law Offices