Our office is specialized in the fashion industry. We represent many local and internations fashion companies, designers and brand owners. We are specialized in managing  registration and enforcement of IP rights and considered to be one of the top expert law firms in Israel in the industry of fashion brands.

Retail & Manufactured Goods

Our office represent numerous commercial companies on issues concerning the manufacture and distribution of commercial products.

We consistently maintain our clients IP rights and protect the value of their merchandise.

We obtain the greatest IP protection available under the law for our clients’ retail and manufactured goods, including enforcing IP rights in the different marketplaces, apearing before the courts and the Trademark Registrar.

We also maintain constant watching services for our clients in order to detect infringements and enforce our clients IP rights.

Computer Software & Multimedia

Our Office provides ongoing legal services to computer, software and multimedia companies. Our services includes prosecution and enforcement of IP rights, in the different markets. We hire special investigators to locate infringements and provides monthly reports to our clients.


We represents local and international companies and start-ups in the industries of electronics, computers and hardware. We provide legal opinions regarding IP issues, paralel import, trademarks and copyrights.

We provide our clients with proffessional legal advice concerning diferent kinds of technologies, potential infringement and validity of other companies IP assets.


In connection to Pharmaceuticals we provide our clients with full trademark services, watching services, prosecution and ecforcement of trademark rights. We represent local Pharmaceuticals companies and also international companies from Israel the US and the EU.

Internet & New Media

Our office provides professional and progressive legal services in the Internet arena , including representing in domain name disputes, representing commercial companies in court, providing legal opinions to websites developers and creators.

Our office also represent many clients from the communication and advertisement erea, including representing celebrities, performers and productions companies.