Trademarks in Israel – A General Overview

Trademarks are a crucial part of any business, protecting the company’s identity and reputation in the market. In Israel, trademark protection is governed by the Trademark Ordinance, which was enacted in 1940 and has been updated over the years. In this article, we will provide an overview of trademarks in Israel, including the registration process, benefits, and limitations.


What is a Trademark?


A trademark is a unique symbol, word, or phrase used to identify a company’s goods or services. In Israel, trademarks are registered with the Israel Patent Office (IPO) and are protected for ten years, renewable indefinitely. Trademarks can include logos, slogans, brand names, and any other distinctive marks that help consumers recognize a company’s products.


Trademark Registration in Israel


To register a trademark in Israel, an application must be submitted to the IPO. The application must include a clear and concise description of the mark, as well as the goods or services it will be used to identify. The IPO will examine the application to ensure that the mark is not already in use by another company and that it meets the requirements for registration.


Once the mark is approved, it will be published in the IPO’s official gazette for opposition purposes. Any party who believes that the mark should not be registered can file an opposition within 3 months of the publication date. If there are no oppositions, or if the oppositions are unsuccessful, the mark will be registered.


Benefits of Trademark Registration


Trademark registration provides several benefits to companies in Israel, including:


1.Exclusive Use – A registered trademark provides the owner with exclusive rights to use the mark for the goods or services specified in the registration.


2.Legal Protection – Trademark registration provides legal protection against unauthorized use or infringement of the mark.


3.Brand Recognition – A registered trademark helps build brand recognition and establishes a company’s reputation in the market.


4.Business Expansion – A registered trademark can facilitate business expansion by providing a recognizable brand to potential customers.


Limitations of Trademark Registration


Trademark registration in Israel has some limitations that companies should be aware of, including:


1.Limited Protection – Trademark registration only protects the mark for the goods or services specified in the registration.


2.Geographic Limitations – Trademark protection is limited to the geographic area where the mark is registered.


3.Time Limitations – Trademark protection is limited to ten years and must be renewed periodically.


4.Infringement Challenges – Enforcing trademark rights can be challenging and requires significant resources.




Trademark registration is an essential step for any business operating in Israel. It provides legal protection, brand recognition, and exclusive rights to use the mark for the goods or services specified in the registration. However, companies should be aware of the limitations of trademark registration, including geographic limitations, time limitations, and the challenges of enforcing trademark rights. By understanding these limitations, companies can effectively leverage trademark protection to build their brand and establish a strong presence in the Israeli market.